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Contact Lens Exams in Cleveland at EyeZone Optical

Here at EyeZone Optical, our Mayfield Heights optometrist understands that not everyone wants to wear eyeglasses all the time. With an eye towards meeting the needs of the needs of locals and those in the Cleveland area with vision care that includes comprehensive eye and contact exams. We also offer an extensive selection of designer eyewear, contact lenses and accessories, making us a one-stop optical shop.


Comprehensive Contact Lens Exams

Our eye doctor, Dr. Jean Orehek, has years of experience in performing evaluations and prescription management amid even the most challenging vision correction cases for those seeking contact lenses. The examination for contacts begins with a routine eye exam like that of patients seeking only traditional eyeglasses. Special measurements of the eye’s shape and focus through lens types are also performed to ensure contacts will fit properly and provide optimal vision correction.

The optometrist will explore what type and level of refractive errors you have (near/far sightedness or astigmatism) and ask about any secondary eye conditions you might have. For example, individuals with high levels of refractions, who suffer from dry eye, allergies or chronic infections might need to consider other options or specialty contact lenses. Dr. Orehek can help determine the best types of contacts or alternatives for you.

Contact Lenses for Corrective Vision

Contacts that are designed to correct any level of refractive error require a prescription along with a fitting. The types of contacts our optometrist recommends may vary according to your diagnosed condition and error of vision. Contact lenses for vision correction are available in many forms, including soft contacts that can be changed on a schedule such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. While less commonly used today, rigid gas permeable options or a bifocal lens option might be a better fit.

Cosmetic & Decorative Lenses

Thanks to tremendous advances in technology, you can use cosmetic contact lenses to make your eyes an array of hues ranging from blues and purples to greens and browns. Some feature multi-faceted color spectrums that add interest and appeal to the normal eye hue. Custom contacts can be created to help mask differential eye colors and are available in both prescription and non-prescription styles.

Want something wild and beyond natural colors? Decorative lenses can literally black out eyes, make them glow in the dark or resemble fire or animal eyes. Our eye doctor will still need to give you an exam and fit you for lenses whether they are prescription or cosmetic.

Get Your Eyewear and Contact Lens Exam Today!

Here at EYEZONE Optical shop in Mayfield Heights, OH, we are ready to get you fitted with the contacts you need with ease. Contact our optometrist today by calling us at 440-684-0800.


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